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We commit our personal capital, often in concert with established VCs and Funds, for Series A investments and beyond, spanning from £3m to £50m. Our distinctive position in the market emanates from the unparalleled support and advisory services we extend. We are attuned to those who seek not just funding, but strategic insight in tandem. Our primary gauge is the prospect of extraordinary global expansion, coupled with an elite team poised to impeccably execute their business vision.

Projects Executed

Snowy Mountains

Investment Criteria 

Our lens is sharply focused on the tech landscape, particularly SaaS. We aspire to infuse capital into fully-fledged ideas, budding start-ups, and established ventures poised for a growth spurt, be it through M&A or strategic outreach.

At Venezia Capital, our expertise converges on three core strengths: uncovering stellar opportunities via our expansive network, collaborating with outstanding partners for co-investments, and propelling growth through our distinctive execution methodology.

We meld our entrepreneurial zeal with deep-rooted acumen in early-stage investments, curating for our investors a rich tapestry of high-potential ventures. Our investments span from £5m to £50m, with our quintessential investee embodying these attributes:

Revenue production, a captivating concept, a seasoned team, vast market potential, defensible unique selling points, a lucid business archetype, established key leadership, sector-specific robust unit economics, a distinct value offer, a trajectory for global outreach, and the ambition to burgeon into a £100m+ entity within 5 years.

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