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Growth Events

Bring your portfolio together to inspire, learn and celebrate

Imagine the synergy of convening your portfolio companies, fostering an ambience of inspiration, motivation, and recognition of triumphs. It's a prime opportunity to exchange best practices and glean insights into surmounting challenges. Allow us to curate the content, spotlight your luminaries, and orchestrate a transformative growth event.


Event Organisation & Execution

We meticulously select the perfect venue and manage every operational nuance to flawlessly orchestrate your event. Whether you envision a bespoke, intimate gathering for founders or a grander assembly encompassing all pivotal to the company's growth and acceleration, we ensure a seamless experience tailored to your needs.


Share Portfolio Success Stories

We collaborate with your portfolio to spotlight luminaries, providing an exchange of best practices and sharing in success narratives. Recognising that we face similar challenges, gleaning insights from portfolio companies' triumphs offers invaluable perspectives.


External Speakers

Alex Blakeway our Managing Partner will host the event in his usual energetic and engaging style. We curate a roster of distinguished speakers to provide success narratives and impart insights from industry heavyweights. Furthermore, we shall unveil select content from our growth playbook, educating best practices and our time-tested strategies for robust growth.


Take Something Tangible Away

Each of our events features a dedicated workshop segment, ensuring that participants depart enriched with a new strategy or idea tailored to boost their organisation's growth. We firmly uphold that one's investment of time in our gatherings should yield tangible and meaningful outcomes.

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Expert Experience 

Our esteemed Head of Events Jane, not only spearheads our event management but is also the distinguished Co-Founder of Transform Finance and Transform Industry. With her adept leadership, Jane has nurtured a dynamic community of hundreds of thousands of senior professionals, intricately woven into the fabric of the financial sector. Her domain encompasses core dialogues ranging from AML and Data to Fraud, KYC, and the nuanced landscapes of Cyber and Digital Transformation.

Jane’s approach is rooted in meticulous research, enriched content, and unparalleled market intelligence, culminating in globally renowned events.

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