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M&A and Venture Capital



Venezia Capital is a technology based dynamic mid-market M&A and funding specialist. Our strength stems from our technology sector focus. We are experts in Martech, eCommerce, AI and IoT.


We accelerate growth through M&A and intelligent funding. Our Corporate Advisory Services provide the strategy and foundation to give you the unfair advantage in a global market.


Our Corporate Advisory Practice specialises in helping businesses to deliver exceptional post M&A growth. We build high performing teams and focus on execution and sales growth to provide maximum shareholder return.



Representing both buy and sell side we work on a range of international mandates. Our sector experience plus our extensive due diligence makes us the idea partner for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their business or large organisations who wish to grow through M&A. We can provide funding to support M&A activity as well as an execution layer to support post M&A success. Using AI we track and monitor the fastest growing tech companies in our sectors.

Venture Capital

We invest our own money and co-invest with other VC's and Funds in Series A onwards ranging from £3m to £50m. We are unusual in the market in terms of the level of support and advisory services we can offer, so we can lend a helping hand to those that need funding and strategy in equal measure. The key indicator we look for is the potential for exceptional global growth and a first class team who can execute the business plan.

Corporate Advisory

Post M&A/Investment our team provides extra resources and professional help to achieve growth and develop a successful company that can move through the following stages: Improve, Grow, Acquire and Capitalise. When the Corporate Advisory team have collaborated on the strategy and plan, the next step is to introduce you to our friends and contacts. We have a wide range of global contacts that can add value and launch you to new markets.

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