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Developing Innovative Strategies for VC/PE



Venezia Capital

We focus on acceleration and growth in the technology sector. Primarily working with VC/PE to reduce the time until the next financial transaction. Transformation of the Sales Organisation and growth through M&A are the two levers we use to accelerate portfolio companies.

Our journey is committed to the growth and acceleration of VC/PE portfolio companies, driven not by mere numbers, but by a deep-seated desire to see potential realised.

Projects Executed



Sales acceleration isn't merely about speed, but direction. It starts with understanding 'why' we do what we do. With clarity of purpose, we can inspire others faster and more effectively. It's not just about reaching the finish line quicker; it's ensuring the journey is grounded in trust, vision, and meaningful connections.


In successful M&A, integration is less about merging systems and more about uniting 'whys'. It's forging a shared purpose, bridging cultures and values. True integration success isn't just in seamless processes but in inspired teams aligned under a common vision, driven by trust and a mutual desire to succeed.


For portfolio companies, events shouldn't just inform, but inspire. It's not about the 'what' of the gathering, but the 'why'. Crafting engaging events means fostering spaces where purpose meets passion, shared visions are ignited, and where companies don't just gain knowledge, but a sense of belonging and direction.



Sales acceleration, for us isn't merely about pace, but about purpose. It's the fusion of strategy with passion, moving businesses forward not just swiftly, but meaningfully. We believe that to truly accelerate, one must first understand and connect with the core values and vision. It's not about merely reaching the destination faster, but about ensuring every step taken is grounded in purpose, direction, and a profound desire to make a difference. With us acceleration is not just a process, it's a purposeful journey. We accelerate portfolio growth through out Genesis Growth Model.

Strategy - Consultancy - Workshops - Interim - Permanent

Sale Execution Partners

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Genesis Growth Model

This growth model is the culmination of two decades of meticulous refinement, shaped by the diverse challenges and triumphs encountered across a spectrum of tech enterprises. It embodies a fusion of strategic precision and a profound appreciation for the human element. Each insight, developed over the years from tech giants to the nimble frameworks of startups, is woven seamlessly into a comprehensive playbook. A blueprint that covers strategy and execution in equal measure crafted to catalyse accelerated growth.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

True synergy emerges not just from uniting teams, but from rallying them under a shared purpose. We prioritise three pillars:

  • Developing a harmonious blending of cultures

  • Understanding the market landscape and its latent potential for cross-selling and upselling

  • Creating and executing a sales acceleration plan tailored to the enriched offering

Drawing from learnings over the years, we help guide your portfolio companies through this challenging time. We navigate the intricacies of M&A with reduced risk, ensuring each organisation not only achieves growth but truly amplifies value. We have several offerings for any M&A activity:



Due Diligence

DD isn't merely about numbers! it's about discerning potential value and defining what future success will look like. With a rich history of interactions with founders over the years, we've cultivated an intuition that sees beyond the surface. We look not just for the shine but seek the authentic, ensuring we aren't swayed by mere illusions, but always attuned to the deeper truths and untold stories that lie hidden. If it's there we will find it.



A paramount yet frequently undervalued hurdle in M&A integration is the fusion of corporate cultures. Bridging entities with unique values, standards, and operational cadences can drive employee detachment. A decrease in morale, discord, and diminished productivity. We stand poised to offer guidance, ensuring that growth isn't just realised, but accelerated. Great leadership is paramount to success.


Sales Due Diligence

Companies, in their eagerness to finalise transactions, often overlook the pivotal significance of Sales Due Diligence. While a stellar product paired with a promising market landscape is commendable, we've witnessed numerous setbacks stemming from an overlooked sales assessment. We offer a comprehensive examination of both the personnel and the sales strategy, ensuring a meticulous and enlightening review.


Sales Acceleration

A sales blueprint is essencial to delivering the transaction's value. It's vital to grasp and successfully implement the nuances of cross-selling and upselling strategies. Regrettably, many enterprises harbor the misconception of effortlessly cross-selling products to their clients. We offer an exhaustive approach, meticulously crafting and deploying a sales strategy designed not merely to spur growth but to amplify value.

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Growth Events

Bring your portfolio together to inspire, learn and celebrate

Imagine the synergy of convening your portfolio companies, driving inspiration, motivation, and recognition of triumphs. It's a prime opportunity to exchange best practices and glean insights into common challenges. Allow us to curate the content, spotlight your luminaries, and orchestrate a transformative growth event.



Event Organisation & Execution

We meticulously select the perfect venue and manage every operational nuance to flawlessly orchestrate your event. Whether you envision a bespoke, intimate gathering for founders or a grander assembly encompassing all pivotal to the company's growth and acceleration, we ensure a seamless experience tailored to your needs.


Share Portfolio Success Stories

We collaborate with your portfolio to spotlight the superstars, exchanging best practices and sharing success stories. Recognising that we face similar challenges, gleaning insights from portfolio companies' triumphs offers invaluable perspectives.


External Speakers

Alex Blakeway our Managing Partner will host the event in his usual energetic and engaging style. We curate an agenda of distinguished speakers to provide success narratives and impart insights from industry heavyweights. Furthermore, we share relevant content from our growth playbook, educating best practices and our time-tested strategies for robust growth.


Take Something Tangible Away

Each of our events features a dedicated workshop segment, ensuring that participants depart enriched with a new strategy or idea tailored to boost their organisation's growth. Our events yield tangible and meaningful outcomes.

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Expert Experience 

With over twenty-five years of international event experience working with senior-level decision-makers across North America, APAC, EMEA and UK, our COO Jane Noordhuis (my lovely wife!), not only spearheads our event management and operations, but is also the Co-Founder of  Transform Finance and Transform Industry.

Jane has developed a dynamic community of hundreds of thousands of senior-level professionals within the global financial community. Her domain encompasses complex live and virtual events, bespoke meetups and lead generation from across the financial crime spectrum focussing on themes such as AML and Data to Fraud, KYC, and the all-encompassing technology areas of Cyber, AI and Digital Transformation. Events will usually include roundtables, workshops, interactive panels, Q+A, keynote sessions, deep dives and tracked focused content.



We commit our personal capital, often in concert with established VCs and Funds, for Series A investments and beyond, spanning from £3m to £50m. Our distinctive position in the market emanates from the unparalleled support and advisory services we extend. We are aligned to those who seek not just funding, but strategic insight in tandem. 


Investment Mandates

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Investment Criteria 

Our lens is sharply focused on the tech landscape, particularly SaaS. We aspire to infuse capital into fully-fledged ideas, budding start-ups, and established ventures poised for a growth spurt, be it through M&A or strategic outreach.

At Venezia Capital, our expertise converges on three core strengths: uncovering stellar opportunities via our expansive network, collaborating with outstanding partners for co-investments, and propelling growth through our distinctive execution methodology.

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Inspirational Leadership

Managing Partner - Alex Blakeway

Alex's passion is building and driving high-calibre teams and catalysing others to achieve unprecedented heights of growth. With two decades cultivated in the tech market, Alex has not only accelerated businesses but has done so for some of the world's largest tech companies.

Alex’s journey from global corporations to the agile spaces of startups, is a testament to his multifaceted expertise. With a decade dedicated to mastering the nuances of M&A and financial transactions. 

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